Opening prayer for each day:


Father in heaven, 

to your care we commend our family. 

Bless us as You blessed the Holy Family at Nazareth. 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, obtain for us the grace

to live in harmony of thought and action,

so as to conform our lives to the love of God, 

serving one another.


Closing Prayer for each day:


Lord Jesus,

by the love with which You became man,

bless our family and our home. 

Grant us the grace to preserve our hope 

in sorrow and affliction,

and ever follow God’s plan in word and deed.

Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus and our mother, 

help us to suffer the trials of life.

Bring to our hearts the graces which make us like You.

Help us to imitate Your humility

and your love for the abandoned. 

Teach us the value of prayer and sacrifice.

Saint Joseph, model of all workers, 

obtain for us the grace to work with joy, 

developing the talents received from God by our labor.

Holy Family of Nazareth, 

teach us the virtues of a home life.



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