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Novena to the Holy Family: First Day, Devotion to the Holy Family


God established the home at Nazareth as a model for all the homes in the world. Therein was Joseph, devout and just, kind, humble and faithful. There, too, lived Mary, the fairest and holiest of God's creatures. And Jesus, their God, was with them. He was subject to Joseph and Mary, and they lived in His Presence. Through devotions to the Holy Family, we pray for all the graces necessary to secure peace and happiness in our Christian home.

Pause briefly, meditating on the above matter...


We shall strive hard to make our home a welcoming home.


Three Our Fathers and Hail Marys in honor of the Holy Family

Ask for a special grace

Pray for peace

#NovenatotheHolyFamily #WidowsandWidowers #Fathers

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