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Prayer for fathers


O God, our Father in Heaven,

I marvel to think that You have called me to be a father, too.

For in your presence I am but a child.

You are strong, I am weak,

You are holy, I am a sinner,

You are perfect in wisdom and love,

I am often blind and prone to selfishness.


In spite of all this, You have called me to be a father here on earth.

I ask from You the grace to lead my family along your paths.

By my words, but especially by my example and prayer.

Help me to put my wife and children

ahead of my own ambitions and recreations,

to be attentive to their needs,

just as You show you provident care to all of us.


And when firmness or discipline are required,

help me to be motivated not by frustration or impatience,

but - like you - by a heart of love.


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