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Celadora Responsibilities

● The Celadora is responsible for the Pilgrim Chapel of the Holy Family and ensures that it travels in a timely

    manner from family to family each month.

● The Celadora calls the members of the Coro for retreats, activities and feasts of the Holy Family, including

    Mass and receptions.

● The Celadora locates the Pilgrim Chapel when a member reports that it is running late. 

● If a problem arises in the Coro, the Celadora brings up the problem with the General Celadora.
● When a member of the Coro dies, the Celadora calls the family of the deceased and offers them the Pilgrim

    Chapel for the funeral services.

● The Celadora brings the Pilgrim Chapel to the parish church for the Feast of the Holy Family.

● The Celadora coordinates the Coro to assist for the Feast of the Holy Family, or in any other activity

    or retreat in which the Coro is called.

● The Celadora collects monetary donations from the Coro to be sent to the Holy Family Association.

    The Spiritual Director sends donations to the Holy Family Seminary to help with seminarian tuition.

    Donations also are used to purchase Pilgrim Chapels of the Holy Family and for other expenses related the

    Holy Family Association (purchasing of medals of the Holy Family, prayer cards and books, etc.) Members

    of the Holy Family Association (laity and clergy) are always volunteers and do not receive salary or other

    incentives for the tasks they assume. 

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