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Article 2:


In the church, every spiritual journey begins with baptism which makes us children of God and followers of Jesus Christ. Thus, Jesus is the model for Christian spirituality to which every baptized person aspires as they travel on their own personal road.

Jesus, who came from a divine family, reveals God as “Family” and manifests this design of the family institution as formed by a human family, the Holy Family of Nazareth, which is the school of the Gospel and the first “domestic church.” Through Jesus we understand the reality of family which we live inspired by the divine family of God through the Trinity and encountered in the model which Jesus formed with Mary and Joseph in Nazareth.


Every family, couple or single person who, responding to a call from God, assume membership in the Association, embark upon a journey of gradual configuration with the Family of Nazareth as the Ideal of their own lives and families. All members commit themselves, in a personal and communal way, to fulfill their conjugal and family mission in life, growing in faith, hope, and love while making the Holy Family the object of their daily contemplation and the model of their prayer life, domestic fellowship, and apostolic endeavors.


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